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Obviously, one of the best things about being a San Francisco engagement photographer is getting to meet amazing people! Read on and you will see that Daniel and Allison did not disappoint in the amazing department!

This photoshoot took place at Baker Beach. This was the perfect canvas for Allison and Daniel’s love story during an intimate sunrise engagement session.

San Francisco Engagement Photos in the Heart of San Francisco…

…this couple chose to celebrate their connection in a way that felt truly authentic, under the soft, early morning light that bathed the city’s iconic coastline.

Before the dawn broke over the Pacific, Allison and Daniel arrived hand in hand to their SF engagement photos session. Their excitement was palpable against the brisk ocean breeze. The sandy shores of Baker Beach provided a casual and comfortable setting for the couple, allowing them to be themselves as they explored the shoreline and enjoyed the serenity of the moment.

SF Engagement Photos that Capturing Authentic Moments…

As a San Francisco engagement photographer, it is my joy to capture the authentic moments between a couple. During the photoshoot, I was honored to capture moments of laughter, stolen glances, playful twirls, and the shared warmth of a loving embrace. In short, each frame encapsulated the raw and unfiltered emotions that defined this special morning.

The Iconic Golden Gate Bridge

While Allison and Daniel soaked in the magic of their love on Baker Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge casually loomed in the background. Its iconic presence added an extra dash of charm to their moments, almost as if the bridge itself couldn’t help but be a part of their laid-back love story unfolding on the sandy shores.

Running Through the Waves

As soon as the sun climbed higher in the sky, the couple basked in the golden glow, savoring the last moments of their engagement session. Baker Beach, now imprinted with the imprints of their love. Baker Beach became a sanctuary of memories that would forever hold a special place in Allison and Daniel’s hearts.

Finally Allison and Daniel’s engagement session at Baker Beach wasn’t just a photoshoot; it was an authentic celebration of love and the beauty found in the everyday moments. These SF engagement photos serve as a timeless reminder of the genuine connection between two people . All in all, the photographs showcase the breathtaking scenery of San Francisco and genuine love.

Want to see how Daniel and Allison added one of their shared passions to this session? Check out this blog post!

Rose Freedman is a San Francisco engagement photographer serving couples who share a deep appreciation for authenticity and simplicity. If you value genuine moments and connections, my photography is tailored to you. I’m here to capture your unique love story, preserving it in both film and digital for a lifetime. Book a call and schedule your session today.



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"Rose is a delight to work with! She had a variety of location options for us to choose from and helped my husband and I feel comfortable during our session. Us feeling natural led to beautiful, natural photos. We have worked with Rose on multiple sessions and will continue to in the future!"

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