5 Reasons You Should Have Super 8 Wedding Video

Joe and Brittany’s wedding was one to remember, and we are so glad we were able to capture it on Super 8! Continue reading for 5 reasons you should include super 8 film video at your wedding!

First…. What is Super 8?

Super 8 is motion picture film video… the video is taken on a roll of film and sent out to a lab to be developed and scanned!

1. Super 8 Makes Your Special Day Feel Extra Nostalgic…

Because super 8 was created in the 60s, it automatically adds a nostalgic feel to your special day! Making it feel like it was something that happened long ago. Whether it’s been a month or 40 years, your super 8 video will feel nostalgic… reminiscent of childhood home videos.

2. Super 8 Wedding Videos Are Timeless

Super 8 has stood the test of time. The soft focus, vibrant colors, and subtle imperfections of Super 8 create an artistic, timeless feel to every video. These are unique attributes that can’t be achieved with digital video.

3. Super 8 Wedding Videos Will Make You Feel…

Don’t say we didn’t warn you… Super 8 can evoke a strong emotional response, making your wedding video feel more intimate and personal. The nostalgic feel of super 8 enhances the sentimental moments captured during the day.

4. Super 8 Feels Like a Documentary

Using Super 8 can give your wedding video a unique narrative style, with a documentary-like feel. Super 8 video is a great way to highlight the key moments and emotions of your special day, which allows for a more personalized storytelling approach.

5. They are Currently on the Rise in Popularity

Super 8 is experiencing a huge rise in popularity! By choosing this format, you’re tapping into a trend that aligns with a desire for retro-chic aesthetics. It’s a way to stand out and create something that feels different from traditional wedding videos, but we believe that your super 8 wedding video will stand the test of time.

About Us

Freedman Photo Co. is a husband and wife owned company that specialized in capturing your authentic moments in 35mm film + digital photography and super 8 video. Rose handles the photos, Ben handles the video. With over 12 years combined experience, we are sure you make your special day one to remember. Contact us today, so we can make your super 8 dreams a reality!



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