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Super 8 film brings a cinematic feel to your wedding video, reminiscent of classic movies and films from the past. This artistic quality creates a unique and visually striking record of your day, making it more than just a standard wedding video—it's a piece of art.

In a world where digital is the norm, Super 8 film offers an exclusive experience that adds a touch of uniqueness to your wedding. It's a rare and special medium, and having it at your wedding can make the event feel more extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.

Super 8 video has a way of capturing moments with a personal and intimate touch. The footage always gives a sense of nostalgia, making it more relatable and emotionally resonant for you. I'll put it this way: we know the video is finished when I've cried watching it.

Your wedding day is unique to you, and we believe how it's captured should be too! 

Why Super 8 is special...

Ready to make Super 8 a part of your big day? 

This is Ben, your Super 8 Videographer!

He has over 10 years video experience, so with him, you're getting a creative eye and very steady hands in control of your super 8 camera, which is important because Super 8 doesn't have stability control like modern cameras!

Ben taught me everything I know about photography, so when you book your super 8 video, you get Ben as a second shooter... which is almost like having two first shooters. We always talk extensively about the weddings we do. 

We absolutely love working together to make your dreams come true!

Ready to make Super 8 a part of your big day?

Let's Make your beautiful memories unforgettable...

I want Super 8!

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"Of all the great work Rose and Ben provided us the super 8 blew us away- it captured the magic of the moment in such a unique way."
-Joseph and Brittany

Kind Words 

"Rose is a wonderful photographer! From the beginning of our experience, she was flexible and easy to work with!"
- Landon and Hannah

Kind Words

"Rose is a delight to work with! She made us comfortable during our session, which led to beautiful, natural photos."
- Johnny and Terra Jean

Kind Words

The length of the video depends on the package selected. The minimum length is 1 minute, and starts at $2200 when booked with a wedding photography package.  

We will send you a private video link to share with friends and family as well as the file so you can have it on your own devices and watch it whenever you want to!

Super 8 is a motion picture film format developed in 1965! Kodak released it to improve the home video experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Book Your Photography Services to get super 8 at my wedding?

You do not have to book our photography services to get super 8 at your wedding. Stand alone super 8 packages start at $2800.

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