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Engagement sessions are all about capturing the raw and authentic connection between couples, and Baker Beach offered an ideal setting for Daniel and Allison’s San Francisco engagement photos! Read along to see how we represented one of their favorite passions into their photoshoot.

Baker Beach is the perfect setting for San Francisco Engagement Photos…

Daniel and Allison, a couple deeply in love, chose Baker Beach for their engagement session. The connection between them was palpable, and the beach provided the perfect backdrop for their story to unfold.

Baker Beach is a perfect SF Bay Area location to get two scenarios in one. On one side, you have the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background and you also have the beautiful beach! If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a good beach session! This location made for the perfect San Francisco engagement photos.

These two lovebirds wanted their photos to display the authentic moments between the two of them, representing the fun-loving couple they are! Additionally, we shot some photos with 35mm film, which is an incredible way to represent authenticity.

We incorporated one of their passions into the shoot…

We also took advantage of the opportunity that one of their favorite football teams is making it to the Super Bowl this weekend! This shoot happened before the niners’ final game before the Super Bowl, so we shot these in good faith! Talk about dedicated fans! The 49ers is something this couple shares a passion about, so we took this opportunity to represent this in their San Francisco engagement photos.

Get a trusted professional to capture your love story…

I can be on hand to provide gentle direction and capture those candid, authentic moments that truly encapsulate your relationship. Reach out to book a complimentary call! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about planning your perfect engagement session!



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"Rose is a delight to work with! She had a variety of location options for us to choose from and helped my husband and I feel comfortable during our session. Us feeling natural led to beautiful, natural photos. We have worked with Rose on multiple sessions and will continue to in the future!"

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